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We provide companies high performance team building, engagement programs, and EOS® Entrepreneurial Operating System training to develop and grow teams and leaders.
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Are you committed to taking your team to the next level of engagement?

We hard-wire your team for success, creating self-sustaining momentum
that generates measurable results. We’re focused on your team’s success, not our wallets.

We are the anti-consultants.
Ask about our “No value, no invoice guarantee.”

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What are your top priorities? Are you accomplishing them? Ron shares his insights for a successful work/life balance on Onward Nation with Stephen Woessner.

“Choosing CultureShoc is one of the three most important decisions I ever made for my company, and they were instrumental in making us a top place to work.”

– Scott Maloney, President / K2M Design


We unite leaders and employees behind a common cause. We promise there is no
Kumbaya, no camp counselors and definitely no trust falls! The only requirement is
having team members who are interested in being part of something bigger than themselves.

Grow Your Team.

EOS® Training

As an entrepreneurial leadership team, are you getting what you want out of your business?
Are you frustrated when you think about the answers to these questions?

1. How effective are your meetings?
2. How aligned is the team to your vision?
3. How well do you do accountability in your organization?

If you don’t like your honest answers to these questions, find out how we can help SHOC the heart of your organization with the EOS strategic planning and execution process.