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Ron Kaminski

Drama in your organization?

It’s ugly, it’s distracting and it’s exhausting.  Employees talk behind each other’s backs, criticize leadership and the decisions being made, and gripe about the clients.  Whether it’s turf battles, power plays or finger pointing…it’s all behaviors that often start when people get bored, frustrated or unclear about what to do, how to do it, or why they have to do it.

Then how do you create a Drama Free Zone?

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Finding clarity

Follow these steps to create a clear path for a smooth transition

So you’ve got a plan for transition, and all the right people on board. Now what? It’s time to get things done, but who does what? And by when?

Similar to setting goals in a strategic planning session, you’ve got to reverse-engineer your transition so it can be broken down into attainable steps, each of which is reached by setting up goals and knocking them down. Clarity across your entire team comes when each person knows what he or she is responsible for, when it’s due, how to do it and why it’s important to make this happen.

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Why employee engagement is more important than what you do

Employee Engagement - I love my job“Buy-in” is one of those business catchphrases that is so overused, nobody seems to know what it really means anymore.

You already know it’s important for your employees to buy in to what your company is doing. But what does that really mean? We should start by calling buy-in what it really is: Emotional engagement. And what is emotional engagement? It’s the “why” of your company and your people.

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How to dust off your strategic plan and make it part of your day-to-day strategy

Dusty Books Pic

You put a lot of work into your strategic plan.

You’ve defined your vision for the future. You’ve spent hours upon hours with your leadership team constructing budget projections and forecasting the market. You know the type of company you want to have in three years, five years and even 10 years.

Then, all that planning gets printed and placed in a nice, professional-looking binder … and sits on a shelf in your office, gathering dust. How does that make any sense?

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