MyEKC Business Software

Boost your productivity with MyEKC business application.

Imagine a company where every employee knows what do to and how to do it, freeing your time to focus on the business instead of in the business. We help you get all of your core processes documented and put into one cloud-based solution that enables your business to communicate and put into practice all your business processes, tailored to your company and each employee.

Process Driven

MyEKC is an employee engagement and management SaaS solution for small businesses that can be tailored to the company and to every user.

Employee Training

This Employee Knowledge Center is used to store, communicate and train all company operations for each employee.

Company-wide Accountability

MyEKC assigns and communicates processes, policies, tasks and more to create engagement and accountability from top-down to bottom-up.

Define your Key Processes

Load and launch your customized application

Document, innovate and create accountability