A Path to Freedom

By August 15, 2017 Insights

myekc - path to freedomA business that runs smoothly when you aren’t there… Plausible. A business that is sustainable, successful and scalable.… Imaginable. The freedom and flexibility to live and work on your own terms while your business thrives … Visionary.

With a focus towards this vision, we now offer MyEKC (Employee Knowledge Center), an online employee engagement and management tool that helps business owners/leaders achieve freedom through the documentation, training and communication of their operational business practices. Sound dull? Well, consider this: it’s much easier to accomplish great results if everyone on the team always knows exactly what to do and how to do it.

About two years ago, Joe Cerino, owner of HAR Adhesive Technologies, educated us about a software application HAR developed to manage all of their business practices. His enthusiasm for how this software has helped free his time to grow the business and live his life was infectious. He stated his team has become more accountable, productive and innovative which, ultimately increased profits.  We decided to join him to further develop MyEKC and make it accessible for multiple companies as a cloud-based application.

For CultureShoc, utilizing MyEKC has empowered the team and cleared the way towards more freedom to improve, innovate and pursue our passions. It takes time. It takes commitment. But the results have far surpassed the investment allowing us the stability to share our unique talents in a way that has enriched the business and our lives.

Intrigued? Check out the MyEKC web site to learn more about this software.

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