EOS® Implementation

Is your leadership team struggling to gain traction?

Are you frustrated because great ideas and processes are not being implemented?


Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) training has helped more than 13,000 organizations increase their revenue, growth and profitability by showing owners and leaders how to reach their full potential.

Why EOS?

There are many forms of business coaching for entrepreneurs and their leadership teams. The difference is that EOS offers a proven system for helping organizations build and execute a shared vision for leadership. Applying real-world tools and holistic business principles, EOS implementers™ cultivate and develop leadership teams that are laser focused on reaching common goals together. When the process is complete, your leaders will have the knowledge, confidence and passion they need to win – and win together. If you’re unhappy with the results, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.




“Not only did our meeting productivity increase dramatically, our whole culture has changed for the better.  Our company is growing and prospering as a result of CultureShoc and the EOS Process they helped us implement.”

William J. Roess, President, Technical Assurance

“Ron and his staff have transformed our business! Highly recommend CultureShoc.”

Tim Gill, President,33 Mile Radius

“Choosing CultureShoc is one of the three most important decisions I ever made for my company, and they were instrumental in making us a top place to work.”

Scott Maloney, President, K2M Design