We design every corporate executive retreat to engage leadership teams, whether you’re developing your strategic plan, reviewing core values or onboarding new executives.

Our facilitators have either owned a business themselves or coached dozens of corporate leadership teams, so we speak your language and know how to meet objectives for your executive retreat.

During an off-site executive retreat with CultureShoc, you can expect:

  • High-energy engagement. Our executive retreats engage and transform leadership teams with high-energy interactions that include a fast-paced mix of activities and discussions.
  • Diversity of thought. We’re not afraid to have difficult conversations, if you’re not afraid to talk openly. We facilitate passionate discussions by promoting diverse perspectives – helping ensure that your team members walk away in alignment, not in frustration.
  • 100 percent buy-in. It’s critical for leaders to embrace a unified message to align the rest of their team. Our executive retreats are designed so that your team leaves in lockstep, buying in to a shared vision – even if you started out with opposing views.
  • Actionable results. You won’t leave an executive retreat with just ideas to consider. You’ll leave with targeted action plans and accountability assignments for specific tasks. You’ll leave transformed.

Ready to retreat? Call us today at 844.336.SHOC or send us a message.