Sales teams tend to be highly competitive, but by deepening relationships and solidifying teamwork, your team members can collaborate to win business together. That’s why our off-site sales team-building retreats combine fun, lighthearted competition with activities designed to strengthen interpersonal relationships.

Sales Team Building Activities

Understanding that sales professionals are competitive people driven to win, we “keep score” at sales retreats with games and discussions where team members earn hypothetical revenue. Even though our sales team-building competitions have clear winners, the activities emphasize teamwork and trusting relationships.

Building High-Performance Sales Teams

It can be awkward for highly competitive sales teams to self-facilitate the difficult discussions that are key to team building. As third-party facilitators, we can more objectively navigate those tough conversations and guide your sales team to new performance levels.

By combining competitive activities with collaborative relationships, our off-site sales team-building retreats are engaging and even game changing.

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