The Herd

Ron Kaminski – Visionary, Keynote Speaker, Certified EOS Implementer™

For 15 years Ron Kaminski has helped companies build high performance teams, with over 1,000 sessions under his belt. An expert in workplace culture and leadership development, Ron focuses on getting companies better at Vision—company alignment; Traction—instilling discipline and accountability; and Healthy—cohesive leadership. Winner of the 2017 Northeast Ohio’s Smart 50 Award, Ron has served as board member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Cleveland Chapter, U.S. Central Chapter, and EO Global. When he isn’t helping companies tap their full potential, Ron is still always on the go…probably off taking his family on some new adventure or paddle boarding on the lake.

Pete Honsberger – Integrator, Lead Facilitator, Keynote Speaker

A lifelong Clevelander, Pete heads up our team building operation as a lead facilitator and our company as an Integrator. He’s passionate about helping teams strengthen relationships and perform at a high level. His M.A. in communications, athletic coaching experience and time spent in multiple industries prepared him for a career in company culture. When he’s not working,  you’ll find Pete at a local sporting event or playing a guitar.

Kimberly Dyer – Professional EOS Implementer™, Kolbe™ Certified Consultant

Kimberly joined the CultureShoc herd after successfully providing structure and strategy for several lifelong entrepreneurs and start-ups. With a focus on project management and employee effectiveness, she brings a clear understanding of how to make things run better and make people work better together. When she’s not with clients, Kimberly loves working with nonprofit boards and their leadership teams to bring about organizational and operational improvement. To fulfill their love of travel and culture, Kimberly and her family have been to six different continents, all while never losing a piece of luggage!

Jim Tennant – EOS Implementer™

From engineer to entrepreneur and everything in between, Jim has over 25 years experience leading start-ups and mature businesses to bring structure and strategy to each. After being President of a electronics manufacturing company, Jim decided to pursue his passion of helping businesses grow and joined the CultureShoc team as an implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System. An avid traveler, amateur “foodie” and woodworking enthusiast, Jim is always on the go with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Bonnie Kaminski – Lead Facilitator (Charlotte)

Bonnie has been part of the Herd since 2003. In 2007, she successfully opened CultureShoc’s Charlotte office. Bonnie specializes in planning and facilitating team building events, especially those with a charitable component. Giving back is a life priority for her. When she’s not serving clients, you’ll find Bonnie enjoying her many grandchildren, traveling to the far reaches of the world with her husband or strumming her Ukulele.

Leigh McDermott – Administrative Specialist

With eight years of experience as an events coordinator, Leigh is CultureShoc’s resident meeting planner and event logistics guru. She’s known for dotting her i’s and crossing her t’s and if you need something, she’ll get it done. Outside of work, you’ll find Leigh chasing around twin daughters with her husband or volunteering with therapeutic riding programs.

Lynette Filson – Marketing Strategist

With 15+ years of communications experience, Lynette tackles all our marketing efforts from social media to graphic and web design. From an M.A. in arts administration to writing grant proposals to her stint as a college disc jockey, Lynette loves being behind-the-scenes to make things happen! When not posting a tweet or creating content, Lynette and her family often spend time hiking and biking at the metroparks.

Michael Ortiz – Team Building Coordinator

A current Cleveland State University senior, Michael is a Cleveland native majoring in Organizational Leadership. Aside from work and study, Michael enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and just being out and about in the Cle. Committed to the mindset of a buffalo each day, Michael helps the team to organize, develop and facilitate programs.