Traction Leadership Center: It’s TLC for Leadership Teams

By April 14, 2018 insights

A place for our clients to work on the business, not in it. That was the initial spark that led to opening CultureShoc’s Traction Leadership Center in Northeast Ohio this January. This new space is aimed to give our clients a high-end experience where we control all the variables, so everyone can take the time necessary to gain clarity and grow as a team. In fact, it’s the only space of its kind in the area for those in the EOS® community.

Anyone who knows CultureShoc knows that our company exists to help organizations build high performance teams. The Traction Leadership Center offers a “T.L.C.” environment—where we provide everything they need—so businesses can fully focus on just that. Founder and Visionary Ron Kaminski explains, “It’s about being of service and helping companies solve their problems. It’s a real privilege to get to be on their leadership teams, facilitate a clear vision for a company, and work on that vision together.”

Beside our EOS clients, the Traction Leadership Center also aims to be a hub where entrepreneurs and business leaders can come for resources, take a Clarity Break™, network, and learn from each other. It’s kind of a dojo, if you will, to gain mastery in running their companies.

Having the Traction Leadership Center allows our clients (and our company) to become better at achieving Vision, Traction and Healthy:

  • Vision—identifying the go-forward plan as a business and ensuring everyone 100% on the same page;
  • Traction®—instilling focus, discipline and accountability throughout a company;
  • Healthy—developing a more cohesive, functional and healthy leadership team.

Most importantly, opening the Traction Leadership Center is lockstep in line with our mission and long-term goal—i.e., our 10-Year Target: To passionately discover, engage and grow leaders while making a direct and positive impact on 108,975 people. That’s the largest attendance ever at an Ohio State football game at “The Horseshoe”! And we are happy to do that one team at a time.

A big thank you to our sponsors who helped make the Traction Leadership Center possible: K2M, Lazorpoint, Fiorilli Construction and e4b (environments for business, LLC.