Are You Buffalo Certified?

By March 8, 2019 March 14th, 2019 insights

If you are reading this, you’ve likely have heard the Buffalo story. It’s a story that illustrates a mindset of courage and commitment by charging into storms rather than running from them. In a business context, we all face storms, both individually and collectively. People issues, strategy decisions, and daily challenges are all examples of storms. So, what’s the value of adopting the Buffalo Mindset? In our experience, it empowers us to make faster decisions, take action instead of just considering it, be courageous, become more comfortable with conflict, solve more issues, and realize more opportunities.

While we can discuss and illustrate the Buffalo Mindset for days and weeks, it only works if you make the choice to adopt it in real situations; knowledge without action does not align with the Buffalo Mindset. If you believe in continuous improvement for yourself and your team, now may be the perfect time to make the decision to become Buffalo certified. But what would that look like? It’s a program we’ve created to work with your team to develop the Buffalo Mindset in five key areas:

  1. In your day-to-day life (i.e. making the difficult phone call because it’s the right thing, not the easy thing)
  2. In a meeting setting (i.e. identifying, discussing, and solving issues as soon as they happen)
  3. During 1-on-1 conversations (i.e. delivering the gift of honest feedback)
  4. During times of change (i.e. taking full ownership of your role in the change)
  5. When you are presented with great opportunity (i.e. a Buffalo-approved plan to achieve a goal)

To truly embody the mindset, one in which you and your team deserve, it starts with small wins. Be aware of both pressure and progress. Be thankful for the small wins and see how your culture begins to change. What do small wins look like? They resemble a change in your reaction one situation at a time. These individual reactions evolve when you ask yourself “What is the Buffalo way here?” and then choose that path.